Olympics, Cookies and Curtains.

We have had a busy weekend. We are trying to think of things to do each weekend to explore all of the cool stuff around us. Friday was just a chill night watching some of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics and then a run to the grocery for cookies and a Redbox movie. On our way out we saw a beautiful rainbow and some great clouds so we took a detour to our local battlefield for Tyler to take some great pictures! If you want to see a suspenseful, confusing but good movie then watch Gone with Amanda Seyfried.

On Saturday we did some fabric sample shopping for our upcoming curtains, watched the Olympics, had our normal weekend trip to Olive Garden (nothing is better than their Five Cheese Ziti), got paint samples at Lowe’s and then painted random squares of paint throughout our house to confirm our paint color choices. I am proud to say that we have made a decision! That is impressive for us.

Today we decided to explore Old Town Manassas. It was cute. We found some good photo ops and enjoyed some cupcakes at a local cake shop. Tonight it’s more Olympics. We are having a great time cheering on Team USA!


Getting crafty

For those of you who know me you probably know that I’m not the most crafty person. But apparently marriage has changed me because I am becoming crafty. Now these crafts may not be very good but I am trying. This was my first craft that I was pretty excited about because I thought it turned out pretty good. I searched Pintrest (my favorite site) for ideas and decided to go with the most simple one I found and now we have a wreath on our front door.

This was a relatively inexpensive project. I went to Michaels and purchased a pre-made wreath, some fake flowers, a little greenery and a glue gun. I then came home and trimmed the flowers down a good bit (wire cutters would have made this a lot easier) and then begin to place them in the wreath. Once I had decided where I wanted them I then took a hot glue gun and put glue on the bottom tip of the flower stem and inserted it into the wreath and let it dry. I started with the flowers at the top and proceeded down. Once it was complete I actually realized I wanted the flowers on the left not the right and then I flipped it over and viola it looked better that way. You will have to excuse my ribbon, I should have bought wired ribbon because I already cannot tie bows and this bow looks pretty pathetic but I have not been to the store yet to replace it.

My next project is going to require some creativity. For football season I plan to make a house divided wreath. One side Alabama, one side Tennessee. I suggested dividing it horizontally and putting Alabama on top and Tennessee on the bottom but that was not well received by my husband 😉


Photo Credits go to my wonderful husband! Check him out on Facebook!

Our Home

We will keep you updated as we continue to decorate our home but I thought I would share a picture of the outside that Mom took for us before the wedding. We are still working on the inside and looking forward to Mom, Dad, Miles and Meg coming up in a couple weeks to help us paint and do other fun stuff! So here are two pictures of us in front of our house 🙂

Keeping up with the Glovers

We are becoming bloggers, well I am. I thought this would be a good way for y’all to keep up with us since we all live so far apart and since I know you are all wondering how married life is in Manassas. Well it is going great! So far we have been antiquing, gone paint chip collecting (I might be obsessed with this),  checked out curtain designs, bought 7 new pieces of furniture (and Tyler built all of them) and Tyler has enjoyed many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians with me. He is a trooper. We are having fun setting up our new home and look forward to sharing our many adventures with you! “Cue theme music”

Emily and Tyler