Getting crafty

For those of you who know me you probably know that I’m not the most crafty person. But apparently marriage has changed me because I am becoming crafty. Now these crafts may not be very good but I am trying. This was my first craft that I was pretty excited about because I thought it turned out pretty good. I searched Pintrest (my favorite site) for ideas and decided to go with the most simple one I found and now we have a wreath on our front door.

This was a relatively inexpensive project. I went to Michaels and purchased a pre-made wreath, some fake flowers, a little greenery and a glue gun. I then came home and trimmed the flowers down a good bit (wire cutters would have made this a lot easier) and then begin to place them in the wreath. Once I had decided where I wanted them I then took a hot glue gun and put glue on the bottom tip of the flower stem and inserted it into the wreath and let it dry. I started with the flowers at the top and proceeded down. Once it was complete I actually realized I wanted the flowers on the left not the right and then I flipped it over and viola it looked better that way. You will have to excuse my ribbon, I should have bought wired ribbon because I already cannot tie bows and this bow looks pretty pathetic but I have not been to the store yet to replace it.

My next project is going to require some creativity. For football season I plan to make a house divided wreath. One side Alabama, one side Tennessee. I suggested dividing it horizontally and putting Alabama on top and Tennessee on the bottom but that was not well received by my husband 😉


Photo Credits go to my wonderful husband! Check him out on Facebook!

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