Olympics, Cookies and Curtains.

We have had a busy weekend. We are trying to think of things to do each weekend to explore all of the cool stuff around us. Friday was just a chill night watching some of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics and then a run to the grocery for cookies and a Redbox movie. On our way out we saw a beautiful rainbow and some great clouds so we took a detour to our local battlefield for Tyler to take some great pictures! If you want to see a suspenseful, confusing but good movie then watch Gone with Amanda Seyfried.

On Saturday we did some fabric sample shopping for our upcoming curtains, watched the Olympics, had our normal weekend trip to Olive Garden (nothing is better than their Five Cheese Ziti), got paint samples at Lowe’s and then painted random squares of paint throughout our house to confirm our paint color choices. I am proud to say that we have made a decision! That is impressive for us.

Today we decided to explore Old Town Manassas. It was cute. We found some good photo ops and enjoyed some cupcakes at a local cake shop. Tonight it’s more Olympics. We are having a great time cheering on Team USA!


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