Yard sales, Chick-fil-a and a basketball star.

So apparently we aren’t really all that interesting since it’s been a week since I blogged. But we’ve done a few semi-interesting things. We have enjoyed watching more Olympics, especially Gymnastics and Swimming. On Wednesday we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner with Aunt Kay, Uncle Brian and Jacob and then went to see Jacob play his basketball game. He was quite the star. We had front row, floor seats and his team won! I was lucky enough to get my photo with the star which Aunt Kay was excited about because it shows the oldest and the youngest cousins.

This weekend we had our first yard sale. And we were quite successful. We got up at 7 am on Saturday morning, ate a quick breakfast and then began setting up all of our stuff that had been piled in our kitchen and guest room for weeks. This was the weekend to get rid of it because our first guests arrive on Wednesday! Our yard sale started at 8 am and the yard salers seem to travel in packs because they came in waves. But we sold a lot and made some money which we were excited about! We then took everything else to the goodwill and have so much space in our kitchen now! After our yard sale we slept for 3 hours then went out to dinner and shopping with our hard earned money! We then went to check out a historic bridge at the Manassas Battlefield so Tyler could shoot some pictures.

Today we are back to boring just spending the day on the couch watching TV and Face timing with Mom on her new iPhone. The family is getting so tech savvy. We are looking forward to their visit this week!! Lots of painting and decorating will be happening so pictures will come next weekend of our newly redecorated house 🙂


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