Adding a new member to the family…

And sadly for Tyler it’s not a puppy, yet. And to the Grandparents no it’s not a baby. It’s a car! We started car shopping yesterday and spent the sunny day looking at different cars without much success, but really we were only browsing. So today we took off in Little Blue, Tyler’s truck, went to church then came out and it was beginning to rain but we persevered. We got the car washed, cleaned out the inside and headed to a dealership with a car we liked. It was a cloudy slightly rainy day but that gets you fast service at a dealership because who wants to look at cars in the rain right? The Glovers do. I don’t think we would have remembered to check the windshield wipers otherwise. So after 4 lovely hours at the dealership we emerged with “Black Betty” a black, 2005, Toyota Camry. As Dad says, “You can’t go wrong with a Toyota”

So the reasoning behind this purchase is that tomorrow I will be starting my new job as a nanny. Thank you to my Uncle Brian I have found my second nanny job. It’s a bit of a commute so we decided a fuel efficient car that can fit car seats (for the children I nanny) would be a good idea.

The rest of this week was some birthday celebrating for myself, another year older. I got a pedicure, we had a delicious dinner at Olive Garden and I got a massage thanks to my wonderful in-laws.

Not much else exciting in the Glover household. Hope you are all doing well!


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