Thanksgiving in Ohio! (Better late than never)

Note: I wrote this awhile ago and I am just now posting it. Pictures will come later!

So I have not blogged in awhile because last week we were in Ohio spending Thanksgiving with my family. It was a wonderful time! My entire immediate family was there along with both sets of grandparents. So it was fun to see everyone.

We started out our trip with a flight scheduled for Wednesday night at 10 pm. I knew it might be a mistake making a flight so late and apparently the airlines knew that too which must be why it was the less expensive option. We arrived at the airport incredibly early expecting crazy lines of people there and were surprised by about 5 people at security. We got to our gate and discovered our flight was delayed until 11:50 p.m. So we had hours to kill at the airport. We bought magazines and discovered there was free wifi so we researched dream vacations. Then all of the sudden our flight was scheduled to leave on time and a plane was there. 10 pm rolled around and we were still sitting in the airport waiting for some kind of news. Turns out we had a plane but no crew. During all of this poor Miles had gone to take a nap so he could come late to get us, then Mom woke him up and then he went back to sleep because we were delayed again. Long story short after much worry and consideration of hopping in the car and just driving we finally boarded the plane at 1 am and arrived in Ohio at 3 am, rode the hour back to the house and finally got to sleep at 4 am. So the rest of Thanksgiving day was a bit of a blur.

We had delicious food for Thanksgiving but personally my favorite food is the day after Thanksgiving. For many years we used to have Thanksmas (Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrated together) with my moms side of the family because we were never all able to get together at Christmas. So Friday was Christmas and that comes with Ham, Macaroni and Cheese, Squash Casserole and Pineapple Casserole. Lots of yellow food but can you say yum?

On Saturday we endured some rough football games (Poor Yellow Jackets) and some wonderful ones ROLL TIDE ROLL and Go Vols! I know it is shocking to see me rejoicing over the win of two SEC teams in one sentence but I must support my husbands team! We were so over the Georgia Tech game that we left to get my parents Christmas tree and got to spend Saturday night decorating it and sitting by the fire sipping on Russian Tea.

Our flight back on Sunday was successful and on time and we got home and came right back into the work life on Monday. Less than 4 weeks until Christmas vacation!!!

The end of Twilight :(

Well this weekend marked a momentous occasion, the end of Twilight. Breaking Dawn pt. 2 The Epic Finale finally came out and we were there Friday night to see it! My husband is amazing and went with me to see it! I wore my Team Edward shirt from Twilight in honor of the final movie! It was in a word- amazing. I won’t say much because some of my friends have not seen it yet but it was excellent. Probably my favorite of all of the movies. Since Friday was our 5 month anniversary we followed the movie up with a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake at Chilli’s. You haven’t lived until you’ve had one of those. It was Tyler’s first time and he now understands. Those things are divine!

On Saturday poor Tyler had to work so we can spend the week between Christmas and New Years in Georgia with family! He left at 8:30 and came home at 2:30 and said “You’re still getting ready?” I was waiting on my nails to dry. We went to Michaels and bought Christmas ornaments and stand-in stockings because I still have a good bit of work to do on our homemade ones so those will be ready for next Christmas! We did a little Christmas shopping and then went to a Japanese steakhouse we had gotten a Groupon for! It was delicious and an entertaining time.

On Sunday we did our typical grocery shopping which was much easier this week since we leave on Wednesday for Thanksgiving in Ohio!!! We had dinner with our friends Matt and Katie at Carrabba’s, delicious. Then we came home and watched the movie Battleship which was a pretty good movie! We really enjoyed it but warning you may dream about running from aliens after watching this movie.

It’s a short week of work then we get to head to Ohio for fun Thanksgiving times with family! I am so excited to see everyone!!!



Pizza Casserole

I made this recipe this week for dinner. It is one that my mom used to make a lot on Wednesday nights before church because it is so easy! I prepared the ground beef mixture on Monday when I was prepping my meals for the week. I put that in the fridge and then got home on Thursday night and threw the rest together in about 10 minutes. My husband was standing there watching me and when I put the crescent rolls on he went “OH now I know what you are making, I love this!”

Pizza Casserole

1 lb. ground beef
1 cup onion chopped (I usually leave this out because I hate chopping onions)
1 (8oz) can tomato sauce
1 (1 oz) package spaghetti sauce mix
1 (8oz) package mozzarella cheese slices
1 (8oz) carton sour cream
1 (8oz) can crescent rolls

Brown ground beef and onion
Add tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce mix
Spread in pan and cover with mozzarella cheese slices
Cover with sour cream
Cover with crescent rolls
Bake at 375 for 20 minutes

and voila you have a delicious, easy dinner!

Chicken Spaghetti and Spinach Stuffed Shells

Ok I am trying to get better about blogging more often and eventually I will blog some recipes of my own that I didn’t get from Pintrest. I am currently in love with Pintrest. I have 201 recipes pinned and I have only made a handful so I am really trying to get better about it. So I thought I would share two delicious recipes that I made this week. One I found on Pintrest and one I found on but a lot of time I find recipes and wonder if they are good, which is why I love Pintrest so much because people are sharing them and commenting on how they are.

So first I have made the Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells multiple times and I love it. My husband loves it too even though I think at first he was not pleased by the idea of spinach in the stuffed shells. But you don’t really notice it and I consider it healthy because hello it has spinach in it. The only thing I do differently with this recipe is that I put ground beef in my sauce because men like meat. I would be fine without it but my husband prefers it with meat. So it is good either way!

The next recipe I made this week which I was nervous about turned out great! I cooked up a storm on Monday and prepared 3 meals because I was off work and I commute so I don’t have a lot of time to cook dinner during the week. Then my husband comes home saying something smells bad, that’s what you want to hear after cooking all day right? Fortunately it was none of my meals I don’t know what it was.

New paragraph so you don’t associate the above with this delicious recipe for Chicken Spaghetti. My mom and grandma both have given me recipes for their Chicken Spaghetti but both seem to require a lot more work than I am willing to put in. This recipe was so easy that I could have just made it the night we ate it. I used canned chicken and threw it all together then threw it in the fridge and cooked it on Tuesday night and it was delicious! A thanks to Charlotte over at The Boomer Brief for sharing this delicious recipe! I’m not a Baby Boomer but my husband and I did enjoy this recipe!

Anyways that’s all for now. Next time I make Zucchini Pie I will share that recipe. That is one I got from my mom and not one I have seem anywhere on Pintrest. It is an absolute favorite at our house 🙂

The Holidays are coming!

Ok so obviously I am the worst blogger ever. I apologize. I am always thinking oh I can’t blog because I need pictures and they are on my iPhone not my computer and I never have my cord with me. So now I will start this post and it may take me a few days to actually publish it. So since I last blogged a lot has happened in the world and in our life. First thing was Halloween. We got some awesome wigs and handed out candy to the children of the neighborhood. We had fun dressing up but next year we might need a costume party to go to so we can truly show off our amazing costumes.

Right before Halloween, Sandy hit. We were very fortunate to say that the worst thing we had to deal with was a leaky front door. We did not lose power or have any damage so we were very fortunate!

The weekend after Halloween we had a nice weekend. We got shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and bought all kinds of fun goodies from the dollar store to send to the kids who are helped by this wonderful organization. We did this when I was a child and I always loved it so Tyler and I decided to do it this year. If you have never heard of them then check out their website! It is a great thing to do around the holidays for kids who won’t get a Christmas like we are used to having.

That Saturday evening we had a retirement home night at the Twaddells. We had delicious bbq, played cards and enjoyed visiting with family. This past weekend we did a lot of Christmas shopping! We are trying to get done with our shopping before the madness that is December. Something about that month is just always incredibly busy and I don’t have to tell you how crazy the stores get. So if we aren’t done then the rest of our shopping will most likely be done online.

Next week we head to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with my family! I am so excited to get to see them and spend a few days at home eating my moms cooking!