Spring Clean Out-Step 1

Ok so who does spring cleaning? I have never done a true spring cleaning but I have also never had my own house. So maybe it’s this warm weather but I am feeling inspired to clean out the house. Like majorly because we need to maximize the small amount of space that we have. I need to follow my Aunt Kellie’s rule and get rid of stuff I have not touched in a year and organize the stuff I do use. Easier said than done. This is going to be a process but last night while Tyler was at softball practice I made my first efforts.

Step 1: Clean out drawers, closet and switch out winter to summer clothes (because it’s finally WARM!)

I feel like thats a pretty basic step and I try to do it more than just once a year but my drawers were a mess so I cleaned them out and tried to put clothes I don’t wear in a bag for goodwill. Unfortunately I seem to have an emotional attachment to like half my clothes, I will be working on that. I just had a phone conversation with my Aunt Kellie while in the process of writing this post and I’m feeling inspired so I better go straight home and throw out those clothes fast.

Step 2 is going to be to organize all my stuff that needs to be in the storage area and get it in there.

Our guest bedroom has become a throw all place. Everything goes in there and it’s such a cute room but it’s cluttered with after christmas sale decorations, winter clothes, shoes and more. So my next step is to get that room into shape and get the proper things into storage.

Maximizing the space I have. That is my goal. Please let me know any tips you have for living in a small space with too much stuff, other than the obvious one which is let go of your emotional attachments and throw  it all out! But I mean I can’t throw out all my christmas decor and such, so it’s going to be all about organization and structure! Here we go!


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