Bathroom Remodeling Time!

Wow, am I terrible blogger or what? You would think with the 2-4 hours of free time I have a day I would get some blogging done. Or maybe it’s because we just aren’t that interesting? It’s winter and it’s cold. So we don’t do much that’s very exciting. But two weeks ago we decided it was the weekend to redo our upstairs bathroom! Our house is pretty old so we don’t have a master bath per-say, but since it’s just the two of us we don’t have to share the bathroom unless we have guests.

So we had some paint leftover from when my dad came and painted our entire house (in 3 1/2 days)! So we (and by we I mean Tyler) took our bathroom from a ugly yellow/beige color to a beautiful, warm tan color. Before we went out shopping I was looking at our ugly plain mirror and I said we need to change this mirror and Tyler was like really? So we decided we wouldn’t change it, too expensive. But we had measured it already and then when we were in Home Depot looking at shelves, there was a beautiful mirror for only $30. And my oh my does it add some beauty to the room! It’s amazing what a coat of paint and a new mirror can do for a room.

I also completed one of the Pintrest projects I had been after doing for awhile. I ordered a bronze spice rack off of Amazon and my wonderful husband put it on the wall for me and it now houses the majority of my nail polish collection. I own 71 bottles of nail polish, now you may say I have a problem and yes I do. My problem was they wouldn’t all fit on the rack! Although I should probably take some time out to go through them because I am sure that many are too old to be used.

So here is my post on our home remodeling projects. Next project is to complete the fence in our yard (once it gets warmer) so that Dolly can have a place to run around and play with a little less supervision. She loves the outdoors and sometimes refuses to come inside. She’s like a child sometimes.

The before shot! Tyler hard at work! After! My new nail polish rack!