Wedding Thursday- The dances

Ok so who thinks about their wedding and dreads being out there dancing just the two of you for this long song with everyone staring at you? That was me. Now some people may not mind the attention, after all it is your day. And some people may be wonderful dancers. I am not a wonderful dancer so we decided early on to use some cute ideas we had seen at different weddings.

First off is the first dance as husband and wife. So of course everyone is oohing and awing over you and you are so excited to be married but that song can get really long. Those of you who are married, am I right? I had a beautiful song picked and it was so long already so I picked a place to stop it but it was still 2 1/2 minutes. Seems short but not when you’re out there. So I had seen the cutest idea that I used. After about a minute of dancing we had the DJ invite the wedding party to join us on the dance floor. It allowed us time to continue to enjoy the song but also to celebrate with our wedding party, as the people we chose to stand beside us on this big day joined us on the dance floor.

Next the father/daughter dance, my dad and I had planned to go to lessons and learn what we were doing. My dad knew a little from taking ballroom dance lessons before my sisters wedding. We ended up crunched for time and did a little rehearsal at home the Sunday before the wedding. If you prioritize and make time then dance lessons are probably a good idea but we didn’t. So we got out there and started dancing and again at about 1 minute in we invited all of the fathers and daughters in attendance to join us on the dance floor. So that was really fun to have everyone out there. My favorite part was seeing my papaw dance with all three of his daughters.

So I bet you can guess where I am going with this one. The mother/son dance, we did the same thing and invited all of the mothers and sons to join the groom and his mom on the dance floor after about a minute. So it was a fun way to involve everyone in these special dances and also to get people on the dance floor ready to party!

How many of you are planning a wedding and thinking about using an idea like this? Do you have a different idea you used/or will be using at your wedding?

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Photos by Jessica at Images by Daniel Michael