Wedding Thursday-Maggie and Josh

So I apologize to going back to my old ways of not blogging faithfully but I was on vacation with my family! So I have lots of fun stuff to blog about! I am back from vacation and it is Wedding Thursday and I just attended a wedding this past weekend so how perfect!

My dear friend Maggie got married to her one, Josh, this past weekend. The day started out with pouring rain, loud thunder and lightning. And this was to be an outdoor wedding. But the wedding plans moved forward and by 1 pm the rain and storms had stopped and by 5 pm all was well for an outdoor wedding! From what I hear Maggie handled it with grace, I would have been freaking out had it been pouring rain on my wedding day.

It was a beautiful garden wedding held at a bed and breakfast, complete with corn hole, smores and bbq. It was wonderful! One idea that she had that was similar to my guestbook scrapbook was her guestbook that had a sign by it to find your picture and sign beside it. So I flipped through the book and found a picture of Maggie and myself and signed beside it. Such a cute idea and I am sure so much work!

Maggie had prepared name tags for everyone with your name and a little title. Meg was thrilled to be “Rockstar Dancer” Meg Ballard. I was excited to be titled “Had the most fun wedding ever” Emily Glover. Every little detail was so cute. From the burlap aisle, to her beautiful dress, to the wedding party tunnel the bride and groom exited through. We had a delicious bbq dinner and german chocolate cake prepared by the grooms mother. And the favors were water bottles filled with beans to shake when they made their exit.

It was a beautiful wedding and we had a wonderful time! It is fun to be able to feature a wedding I just attended on Wedding Thursday. My next wedding to attend isn’t until July so I will just have to continue to pull ideas from my wedding, my sisters and my best friends.








Wedding Thursday!

It’s Thursday again! I love Thursdays, it’s almost the weekend, my favorite show comes on tv (The Vampire Diaries) and yeah it’s a good day. But enough about that. It’s time for another installment of Wedding Reminiscing Fun Thursday!

This week i am going to blog about my table numbers. They were one of my absolute favorite ideas for my wedding. I found a similar idea on Pintrest and then made my own version.

So the table numbers were done with pictures of us at the age of the table. So table number 1 had pictures of Tyler and myself at age 1. My initial idea was to do the pictures side by side so you could see us at the same age. But that ended up being too big for the holders. So we ended up doing a picture of me on one side then Tyler on the other side. That way no matter where you sat you would see a picture of someone and not a blank side.

I bought a big pack of gray, black and white scrapbook paper with different prints and then cut out a square a bit bigger than the 4×6 picture so there was a border. I would cut out two for each table number and stick them together using scrapbook tape. That way both sides had the same border from the paper.

The next step was to find pictures at that age that were both either horizontal or vertical. We found that a bit tricky but it all depends on what pictures you have. Once we had the pictures we stuck one to each side.

For the numbers we cut circles out of white card stock and printed on them “Us at age 1” “Us at age 2” etc. You will see from the picture. We stuck those on the top corner and then viola we had the cutest table numbers! I just loved them and it was fun for everyone to see pictures of us throughout the years and look at what each of us looked like at that age.

I hope someone finds this idea fun, cute and useful! Let me know your thoughts 🙂

IDM_5812 IDM_5813


Pictures by Jessica at Images by Daniel Michael

Reminiscing Wedding Fun Thursday!

So my husband and I were looking at our wedding photo slideshow last night and it got me reminiscing on planning my wedding and what fun I had with that. Of course there were many stressful moments but I had a few touches at my wedding that I just loved. So let’s call this reminiscing wedding fun Thursday shall we? I will try to post one of these each Thursday until I run out of things, and that may be fast. But we will see! So here we go with # 1.

One of my favorite things that I did and absolutely love is my guestbook. My sister got married exactly a year and 5 days before me and I had been holding onto this idea for at least three or four years since I had seen it at another wedding. So I did it for her and then for myself. I am a big fan of scrapbooking so I was able to incorporate scrapbooking with my guestbook.

The general idea is to take a scrapbook and to put on the front of each page in the center one of our engagement pictures. The rest of the page was open for everyone to sign and leave notes. I loved this idea because it allowed for everyone to leave more than just their name but to also leave notes and I preferred it that way.

At my sisters wedding we put a page at each table with pens for everyone to sign. At my wedding however the tables were already quite crowded so we put all of the sheets in the scrapbook and had a guestbook table where people could come by and sign the book.

It turned out great and I love being able to look back and see who was there and what they had to say! So that is my reminiscing wedding fun Thursday post! I hope you all enjoyed and I hope someone uses this idea and enjoys it as much as we did!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. You will notice the page the photographer took a picture of is from my adorable little girls I used to nanny for who were my wonderful flower girls! A good choice because I don’t think anyone else drew pictures!




Pictures by Jessica at Images by Daniel Michael