Wedding Thursday-Maggie and Josh

So I apologize to going back to my old ways of not blogging faithfully but I was on vacation with my family! So I have lots of fun stuff to blog about! I am back from vacation and it is Wedding Thursday and I just attended a wedding this past weekend so how perfect!

My dear friend Maggie got married to her one, Josh, this past weekend. The day started out with pouring rain, loud thunder and lightning. And this was to be an outdoor wedding. But the wedding plans moved forward and by 1 pm the rain and storms had stopped and by 5 pm all was well for an outdoor wedding! From what I hear Maggie handled it with grace, I would have been freaking out had it been pouring rain on my wedding day.

It was a beautiful garden wedding held at a bed and breakfast, complete with corn hole, smores and bbq. It was wonderful! One idea that she had that was similar to my guestbook scrapbook was her guestbook that had a sign by it to find your picture and sign beside it. So I flipped through the book and found a picture of Maggie and myself and signed beside it. Such a cute idea and I am sure so much work!

Maggie had prepared name tags for everyone with your name and a little title. Meg was thrilled to be “Rockstar Dancer” Meg Ballard. I was excited to be titled “Had the most fun wedding ever” Emily Glover. Every little detail was so cute. From the burlap aisle, to her beautiful dress, to the wedding party tunnel the bride and groom exited through. We had a delicious bbq dinner and german chocolate cake prepared by the grooms mother. And the favors were water bottles filled with beans to shake when they made their exit.

It was a beautiful wedding and we had a wonderful time! It is fun to be able to feature a wedding I just attended on Wedding Thursday. My next wedding to attend isn’t until July so I will just have to continue to pull ideas from my wedding, my sisters and my best friends.