Wedding Thursday- DIY Centerpieces

Today I have more beautiful centerpiece ideas to share with you. These were compliments of my best friend’s wedding. Anna and Kyle had a beautiful wedding. They had an absolutely gorgeous venue and worked very hard in planning their wedding and creating lots of DIY decorations. Their wedding was proof you can have a gorgeous wedding on a small budget. The centerpieces were so cute and a great idea by Anna. They were very easy to make, all of the bridesmaids sat down and whipped them out in a couple hours.

Supplies Needed:
-Mason Jars
-Old Books
-Chalkboard Paint
-Flowers (we used silk flowers)
-And the obvious, scissors, hole punch

So what we did was to first stack two books on top of each other and wrapped them in twine. At the end of the twine we hole punched and added the tags for table #’s and reserved seating. The tags were made with cut out pieces of cardboard, spray the cardboard with chalkboard paint and then write on it with chalk.


In some of the centerpieces we used mason jars with a candle inside. We wrapped twine around the top of the mason jar and then placed the jar on top of the books and there you have it, an easy and inexpensive centerpiece.


Another one of the centerpieces had silk flowers stuck under the twine rather than having the mason jars. That way not every table was the same.


The tables that were not reserved for family were given numbers. There was no assigned seating at this wedding but numbers were needed for people to be called to the buffet table.

So now you have some easy, inexpensive and DIY centerpieces. The old books came from Anna’s mom who is a librarian and the mason jars were collected from different people who had them. That is proof that if you ask around you can find things you need and save a lot of money!

Do any of you have any inexpensive, DIY centerpieces you have done? Or will you be using this idea? Let us know if you do! It made for a truly beautiful wedding. I will be highlighting more ideas from Anna’s wedding as we continue on with Wedding Thursday, until next week!